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Why Fit4Life ?

For the instructor:

Fitness is for life, or it should be….Once you understand how important it is to encourage exercise and ensure participation has elements of fun, motivation, safe and effectiveness, you can start to analyse what you are delivering. Like any exercise, it needs to be all of the above with addition of education. Allowing your knowledge into your classes is a key to retention and continued class participation.

Fit4Life cards allow the instructor to focus on teaching points, ensuring individuals have a real understanding of why, how and what they are achieving and the benefits of the session. As the program progresses every 4 weeks, there is no fear of boredom; in fact it is the complete opposite.

Seeing and feeling physical changes is the motivation and will promote full classes every time!

For the participants:

We have busy lives with little time for ourselves; therefore every hour spent in the gym, exercise classes or on a run or bike has to be effective. Accurate intervals with progressions and developments have been carefully designed, with the addition of a heart rate monitor or using RPE (rate of perceived exertion), every second of a work out will be effective. The way to keep fit for life is down to some key factors:

  1. Find an exercise which you enjoy
  2. See and feel results
  3. Sustain the results you see and feel
  4. become educated and have a real understanding of your training
  5. Exercise which is at the correct level for you
  6. Progression at the correct rate
  7. Feel motivated and energised, not demoralised and exhausted
  8. The need and want to do it again
  9. Analysis of your individual levels and abilities

I am sure there are more, but these answers seem to be consistent when asking the general public. Obviously if you were to ask the same questions with competitive athletes they would come up with a few more sport specific answers, but not a great deal different from the nine key factors.

It is not complicated, just common sense. No fads, no gimmicks.

Wouldn’t you like become one of the many people who are now becoming Fit4ife?

Contact us today for more information.

Fit4Life Class


  • Our aim for our Fit4life program is to create well educated instructors and participants. Provide
  • Courses which not only provide instructors with the tools to deliver great indoor cycling classes, but
  • Also fill the course with great knowledge and a clearer understanding of heart rates.   Knowing why
  • and how to teach with the use of zones cards and utilising the correct fuel.
  • Indoor cycling classes are evolving, with our Fit4Life program we are offering accurate, progressive interval training, delivered with conviction by educated instructors. Ensuring participants are benefitting 100% from every minute they choose to exercise.


  • With instructors delivering well balanced and progressive classes, based on heart rate and RPE, participants can exercise with the knowledge that they will achieve their goals.
  • The Instructor courses are delivered by highly educated and experienced trainers, therefore instructors become and continue to be of a high standard and are confident that all the information they provide is accurate.
  • Clubs have the consistency and the confidence that every Fit4Life class is delivered in the same format, Information and detail. Members know what to expect when attending any Fit4Life session on the timetable, no matter who is teaching the class. Classes are well attended and due to the progression and development, participants want to keep up with the program, therefore foot fall and retention is high.
  • Happy instructors and happy fitness clubs

Benefits for clubs having Fit4Life on the group exercise timetable:

We pride ourselves at Fit4Life in the high standard of knowledge we can pass on to the Fit4Life instructors.

Your club has the confidence that every class is delivered with expertise and professionalism. Your members can experience a class which not only provides consistency but will achieve their goals. Whether the goal is weight loss or improving cardio vascular fitness, become stronger and understand why and what you are achieving on every class. Educated members know why there coming to classes, this keeps them coming week after week.

We have been delivering classes for the past three years, which has provided us with great testimonials which you can read on our testimonials page.


All classes are led with carefully calculated progressive interval based cards. Every four weeks the sessions develop and effort is increased, although options are offered to new or more experienced participants.

Fit4Life classes are designed to enable participation for all fitness levels and abilities, a real group exercise experience for all your members.

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