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Fit4Life are always looking for inspirational and motivated instructors to deliver Fit4Life Indoor Cycling Courses.

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Kyrie Davis is our new Tutor.

Kyrie Davis

Kyrie Davis

I started teaching group indoor cycling in 2007 with Keiser after developing a love for the class as a regular attendee. Over the next 3 years I attended a number of Keiser courses with my indoor cycling mentor Helen Holmes in my thirst for more knowledge on all things indoor cycling including the M3 foundation course, geared up and power modules which added more depth and structure to my classes. For me, the next progression was to start tutoring others to do indoor cycling so I started teaching the CYQ Group Indoor Cycling Course in 2011 with much guidance from Helen.
At the start of 2014, I was noticing how tired my legs were at the end of the week (what I thought was an inevitable ‘side effect’ of being the wrong side of 40!) and spoke with Helen. She told me that it sounded like I was overtraining and that I should take a look at her new course Fit4life. She explained that overtraining in the upper heart rate zones would cause the muscle fatigue that I was describing. I attended her course in April 2014 and was amazed at the difference in my performance during the two master classes. I started teaching fit4life in my classes following the course and saw a massive increase in average watts and total calorie burn for both myself and my participants with a much lower perceived exertion level.
I know only teach fit4life cycle having moved away from freestyle and my classes consistently have a waiting list, they are structured, require much less lesson planning and I feel are much more fun and informative. I even have one participant who has been able to stop using her inhaler in classes that she had for exercise related asthma!
So, if you want to train smarter not harder, then this is the course for you!

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