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More Information on HR Training

Your aerobic base (AB) needs to be 10-15 BPM lower than your anaerobic threshold (AT). Many athletes train to hard early season giving them a low AB, which makes it very difficult to raise their AT. It is important to raise your AB, this is achieved by low intensity work for long periods. This improves the body’s ability to burn fat efficiently.

Once we have achieved this we can start working on raising that all important AT.
AT is the point at which lactic acid enters the blood stream causing your muscles to fatigue. Our goal is to raise and maintain your AT.

To do any type of heart rate training you need to to know your AB & AT . There are guides out there using your age & your maximum heart rate etc, but all are estimates and are not accurate.
The only way to know your AT & AB is to have an assessment.

With the information from the test we can identify how many calories you burn in each heart rate zone, which is useful for the competitive athlete and individuals who just want to lose weight .

So we can see that working at a lower heart rate we can burn fat more efficiently.

Fit4Life cranks

On average the people we have tested are 60 % efficient at burning fat and 40% efficient at burning carbohydrate.
A top athlete can achieve almost a 100% fat efficiency.

The other benefit is the V02 score, which is the body’s ability to utilize oxygen.

WATTS are a must for all cyclists, a fantastic tool for interval training and gauging your power at set heart rates.  More power means more speed on the road.

Below a Video of the MyZone system Fit4Life indoor Cycling uses.


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