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Wanda Marginean – Instructor 
Wanda is covering Helen Holmes’s classes while she is recovering from a knee replacement
I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the Fit4Life course on Friday. It was great to finally learn more on how to train properly.  When I delivered your 2 classes last Saturday I was exhausted, I also teach on Sunday and Monday which really felt   like too much. I was cranky, slept and ate for 2 days after that. I wanted to cancel one of my classes today but I didn’t find a replacement so I decided to try Fit4Life for 2 hours. What a difference it made!! It felt great, I did week 1-4, played a funky podcast and felt energetic after 2 hours. I was able to give clear instructions, without running out of breath as usually, and I actually burned the same amount of calories! I really enjoyed teaching Fit4Life today and I will continue teaching it every Saturday until you come back. I also got a good feedback from members who attend your class regularly.

Kim -Participant David Lloyd

I also wanted to thank you for your help and advice before I did my first sportive on Sunday: Bike Oxford, 50 miles.  It definitely helped having some snacks, electrolytes in the drink etc.  I also felt pretty confident which I think was a result of getting fitter at your classes.  I really enjoyed it and took it steady getting round in just over 3.5 hours.  I have attached a photo to prove I did it!!

kim david lloyd

Mark Follows – Participant Thame Leisure Centre
Today was my first attendance at one of Helen’s classes. It was fantastic, the best cycling class I’ve been to. The scientific approach, with real time heart rates and training zones had me working to my capacity. Most fulfilling. Helen’s calm, relaxed and fun approach kept all of us motivated and working together as a team. Quite the feat, considering the solo nature of the activity. I hope to attend many more.

Many thank’s Helen.


Liam Fit4Life Instructor RAF Benson.

Liam here from RAF Benson. Just an update from me – courses are going great actually and the feedback from all my cyclists is extremely positive. I run one daytime class a week, mostly to RAF personnel, and then 2 evening classes mostly to wives and partners of RAF people. My evening classes have proved massively popular and I still have a waiting list for people to join in. On a personal note, I really look forward to every session and it really has become a highlight of my week! So thanks again for the course.


“Really enjoying teaching. I think that indoor cyclists out there are ready for something different, new and fresh and this is it”

Roberto Liddy, F4L Instructor

I participated in your class in ireland on Saturday and I just wanted to say I thought it was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would hope to get the opportunity to participate in your course. I think that your enthusiasm in the class just made the experience even better… You made the experience more enjoyable by your interaction . I would love to teach fit4life cycling programme I think members in my gym will really connect with it .. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Cassie Dunne, K-Leisure, Ireland

‘’ It has been made official today. Fit4life has become so popular at The Park sports Centre, Holton that I will now be running another class on the timetable on a Tuesday evening a 6.15 starting next week! Book early to guarantee your place.

Never before have I had waiting lists for my classes 5 days before they are due to happen!!!. I am loving teaching, and loving the positive feedback I am receiving for my fit4life classes. They are Easier to teach than a “normal” spinning class and I am also feeling fitter and stronger from all the training myself!. It doesn’t get much better than this!!!”

Kelly Rees, F4L Instructor


‘‘Another fully booked class at DL Swindon tomorrow morning. Feeling the love for card 6!’’

Kyrie Davies F4L Instructor


‘’Every piece of equipment in the cycling studio utilised this morning in fit4life class 9.30! Excellent training everyone 27 people educated with quality exercise’’

Helen Holmes, DL Oxford, F4L Coach


‘’Great turn out this morning at DL Swindon. I love sharing information on why we train in certain zones in the style we do, what fuel systems are being utilized and seeing people training smart rather than burning out’’.

Claire Edwards, F4L Instructor


“I’ve been attending Helen’s Fit4Life classes for just over 3 years. Not only have I enjoyed the classes but I’ve managed to lose 2.5 stone and kept it off and massively improved my fitness levels. Helen puts a lot into her classes making them enjoyable, challenging, very informative and a lot of fun. Big thank you Helen”

Annie Bosch, Thame LC Participant

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