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Scott Holmes

Scott Holmes Fit4Life Training

Scott Holmes | Fit4Life Training

Scott Holmes has been a cyclist for over 30 years. He has competed at Elite level and became National Crit champion in 2009.

He has raced against professional cyclist. Not only a cyclist, also a competitive Sculler, county standard badminton player and swimmer. As a member and Head Coach for Hillingdon/Fit4life CC, he is solely responsible for coaching, mentoring and training new up and coming riders.

As a British Cycling Coach and a Fitness Trainer, he brings all his many years of experience and knowledge together to launch this exciting Fit4life class. Scott has been providing V02 fitness assessments over the past seven years for athletes and the general public. With extensive knowledge in this field, he is able to offer coaching and individual training programs for a variety of sports.
The fit4life class which he has been delivering for the past two years at one of the leading clubs in the country has become very popular on the timetable for all levels of fitness and ability.

Cycling and swimming at elite level for 30 yrs other competitive sports include: Rowing | Running |Badminton .
Y.M.C.A Fitness Instructor

BCF Level 2 Coach

BA of England Coach

National LVRC  Criterium Cycling Champion 2009

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