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Plan your next course September 2017

Our next course is planned for September, post summer holidays, book your place now!

We find Autumn is a busy time of year for class participation, the holidays are over and winter is approaching.  So head to the gym and focus on fitness and health.  Classes are very popular, people are trying sessions they may not have tried before.  So this is an excellent time to introduce Fit4Life cycling.

Have you heard any of these before?

spinning cartoon 1

”I hate Spin, its full of sweaty people who work too hard and the instructor shouts allot!”

”I am new to fitness and that Spinning class is just too high intensity for me”              ‘

‘Only fit people go to Spin”

”Spin gives you big legs” 

These people haven’t been to a Fit4life class yet! Our interval based, progressive heart rate sessions enable all levels and abilities, experienced and new, want a hard anaerobic work out or want to concentrate on endurance.happy spinning image 2

Fit4Life is for everyone. It’s not Spinning, its Fit4Life cycling, due to the style of exercises and drills there is no build up so the leg muscles do not get overworked.  We work the legs with the combination of accurate speed and gears to enable strength and flexibility.

To book on to our next one day course with 16 CPD points please contact or complete our on-line admission form.

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