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Kelly Reese Fit4Life Instructor

kelly rees fit4life instructorSince teaching Fit4life my classes have gone through the roof!  Members love it and the club has had to add an extra class on the timetable because of its popularity.

I find it easier to teach than a normal ‘spin’ class as it’s all there for you on the card, you don’t have to choreograph or put together a class, it’s all done for you.

I personally have also found that I am stronger and fitter myself since teaching Fit4life classes.

At least half of my class at Wheatley Park Sports Center, now have heart rate monitors and I have only been teaching it for 7 weeks!!

The feedback I have had has been fantastic, one chap that loves to see how many calories he has burned on his monitor was burning approx 700 in a normal ‘spin’ class.  He is now on average burning 900 on the Fit4Life sessions.  He couldn’t believe it at first as he felt he wasn’t working as hard as before.  Effective and accurate training!

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