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Joanne Warren Fit4Life instructor tell’s her story

I qualified as a Fit4Life Group Cycling Instructor in October 2017 having trained under Helen and Scott Holmes.  I now deliver classes at David Lloyd in Oxford and Witney Leisure Center.

My journey into the world of fitness began in 2002 when I took a step back and looked at my lifestyle.  Several things indicated to me that I needed to live more of a healthier lifestyle so I began concentrating on exercise.  I found that going to the gym covering a variety of exercises involving weight training and cardio work began to give me a new outlook and focus.

joanne warren

In 2007 I began running and have since completed 5 half marathons at various locations around   the country.  I continue to run weekly together with indoor cycling and strength training.

In 2017 I qualified in Level 2 Exercise to Music and found I had a strong motivation to help   people get fit or increase their fitness and obtain the feel-good factor exercise can produce. I   believe that everyone’s goal should be valued no matter how big or small because they are   making the effort to change its personal to them and that deserves genuine recognition.

My core aim is to genuinely provide a quality level of training for people who have taken time to attend a class whilst remaining conscious that people’s levels are all different.  The Fit4Life programs provide a quality and structured approach providing people with quality training, this is why I am very proud to be one of those instructors that is qualified to deliver this training.  Participants have said how much they enjoy these programs and one said ‘your class makes much more sense and is real cycling training to me, it’s harder than the spinning classes I have been attending’.

Another note I received shows how effective this training is, they said:

The four-week training period that you teach is ideal I review my own training workouts every 4-6 weeks making small changes as the body gets used to what you are asking it to do whether that be rowing, swimming or weights programmes that I set myself and now your new class at Witney which I must say I enjoyed and have booked future classes with you.  I have never had an interest in spinning classes and have seen numerous people attending classes when I am in the gym and they do not appear to have changed in body shape and I am opposed to the flashing lights and being shouted at, that to me is not encouragement a good instructor does not need to do that.  Finally, when I attended your class I found it was structured and your style of teaching relaxed and professional and you put it across with a smile at the same time encouraging participants.  Your focus was on the class not just one individual and you didn’t expect everyone to go flat out in their first class explaining about pulling back to baseline if they needed to.  I look forward to attending future classes with you.

It is great to feel part of a fitness family with the Fit4Life team.


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