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Helen Holmes

Helen Holmes | Fit4Life Training

Helen Holmes | Fit4Life Training

Helen Holmes has been working in the UK and internationally, providing training and education for over seven years.

Helen has developed and designed the Fit4life Indoor Cycling program and is also involved with Keiser UK’s education. She has fifteen years experience in the fitness industry as an instructor and a tutor.

She is involved with coaching and training cyclists and tri-athletes. Her passion for fitness extends to other sports inside and out, on the road and on the water, bringing all of this together to produce outstanding classes full of power and passion.

Helen has been delivering the Fit4life class format at one of the country’s leading private health clubs for the past two years, it has become of the most popular classes on the timetable. Offering quality workouts for all fitness levels and abilities. She is also a competitive time trialcyclist for team Hillingdon/Fit4life. Helen has her own business, producing V02 fitness assessment at her home in Oakley, Buckinghamshire.

Helen also offers coaching and training for cyclists and tri-athletes.


Helen Holmes on the BBC go to 6 mins on Video





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