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Do I need to be fit to come to a Fit4Life class?

No, you will become fit, remain fit and develop your fitness.

What is the class all about?

Motivational and progressive interval sessions, which target individual levels. Heart rate monitors are encouraged to maximise the benefits of the session, but the RPE will be also offered.

Where does the education come from?

All our information comes from; over seven years of Vo2, heart rate and fitness analysis for all levels of athletes and general public. We are also highly qualified trainers, British Cycling Coaches and International tutors with over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry.

Personal experiences of participating at elite level competitive sport.

What do I need to attend a class?

For a Fit4Life cycling class it is recommended to bring;
A sweat towel
Comfortable clothing
Optional – Padded cycling apparel/cycling shoes/heart rate monitor
If wearing cycling shoes on an indoor cycle, you will need SPD MTB cleats

How long are the classes?

Most Fit4Life classes are forty five minutes or one hour. There are some half an hour classes, these tend to be at lunch time or in a gymnasium.

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