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Dr Roberto Liddi – Fit4Life Instructor

Dr Roberto Liddi Fit4Life

Dr Roberto Liddi Fit4Life

I have been an indoor cycling instructor for over 15 years now and believe me, I have seen few changes in the industry!

At the time, the prevalent teaching style was very much based on a “full on, take no prisoner” way of delivering classes. If the participants didn’t get out completely drenched in sweat and panting like dogs, you would have not been considered a motivational instructor!

With the advent of structured choreography within cycling classes, I saw then a shift in delivering more of an already constructed type of class. This had its benefits, as there was less of an input from the instructor and more of a sense of “class”, however this also resulted in repetitive classes which could become “boring” after a while and also “boring” instructors……

I decided to develop my own teaching style which included elements from many different indoor cycling programmes (I hold few of those certificates…..), also because I noticed that the type of “indoor cycling customer” was growing and requiring a different delivery.

Roughly 5 or 6 years ago, I had the pleasure to meet and teach at the same club as Helen and Scott. I immediately clicked with them, and recognised that they had a lot to offer in terms of knowledge even to someone like me who had been teaching already a decade.

I followed with great interest the development of the Fit4Life course, because it became apparent to me that this type of course was exactly what is needed today in the indoor cycling industry.

The majority of people that today attend cycling classes is very much different from few years ago. A lot of the times, they “have been there and done that” and they are looking for something different, something that can really change the way they train. They represent a more mature type of audience which has very likely being attending the “hard core” classes or the “choreographed” ones and they are now looking at the instructors to give them something more.

I truly believe that Fit4Life is Fit4Purpouse to give them exactly that; knowledge of what really happens to their bodies when they train in a particular way.

The beauty of this type of training is that anyone can adapt to it and gain knowledge, increase fitness and understand what is happening to their body (young or old!) when they train with a specific method.

Also, most importantly, this is not restricted to cycling, but they can transfer such training regime to any activity they want, once the instructor gives them the basic knowledge and guides them through how to achieve their goals.

I am very proud of being one of the first Fit4Life qualified instructors, and I look forward to keep working with Helen and Scott to develop and expand the customer base!


Keep fit…..Fit4Life!!!

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